World of Wonder is a new kind of theme park for a new millennium.

It transcends the material world and leaps into the imagination. It’s a place where three-dimensional physical experiences

act as catalysts for lifelong intellectual

journeys. It not only teaches about

the past, but also opens the mind up to

the opportunities of the future.  Within the World of Wonder, visitors find themselves transformed into adventurers, students, explorers, and performers. And by the time they leave, they realize how much potential they have as individuals and how much potential we all have as human beings and members of Earth’s rich environment.

WOW will change forever the way we think about this place we call home.

WOW elevates the very concept of theme

park to a whole new level. It’s "museum as theme park" a place where visitors can step beyond the velvet ropes and pass through the glass display cases into the exhibits.